ABUK Sustainability 

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At Amber Beverage UK, we understand that sustainability is a journey.
For this reason, we have outlined a sustainability roadmap, projecting our ambitions from now until 2030. 

AMBER BEVERAGE UK Sustainability Roadmap principles 

We know that the most important metrics will evolve over time. 

We know that what good looks like will change. And we know that businesses that try to greenwash or pull the wool over their customers’ eyes will be called out. 

We embrace a continuous cycle of assessing our strengths and opportunities. 

In this way, we can evaluate where the low-hanging fruit lies and make incremental progress in measurable and demonstrable ways. This roadmap projects the opportunities for development as we understand them in 2023. However, as our understanding of the long-term impacts of various initiatives develops, we accept that our roadmap may have to adapt, in order to take advantage of new opportunities and technologies. We will subject our roadmap to regular review, ensuring it remains relevant and fit-for purpose. 

Our leadership team is committed to sustainability, both personally and professionally.

We are in it for the long-run and want to make changes that we can be proud of in years to come. We will discuss changes cross-functionally to ensure buy-in across the business. We want to make changes that our teams will be proud of, and will be committed to delivering. 

We aim to improve our environmental, social and governance credentials. 

For a truly holistic and sustainable policy, that can be scaled and maintained into the future, we need to balance the exigencies of each of these three pillars. We will engage in regular, candid and empathetic communication to all stakeholders, including our teams, our counterparts across Amber Beverage Group’s international business units, our suppliers and our customers. 

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Integrating Indie Brands and ABUK in 2023, we relocated our office to a multi-award-winning property, committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2030. Our office is 98% powered by green electricity and the developer has adopted smart technology like sensor-controlled, long-life LED lighting, which has already reduced energy intensity by 4% since 2021.  


We have canvassed opinion from our teams to discover what wellbeing and health really mean to them, and have realigned our benefits package accordingly. We are now proud to partner with Vitality to offer all ABUK employees perks such as on-demand video GP consultations, an annual health check, a Virgin Active Fitness Assessment, a full subscription to the Headspace app, and treat days with spa resorts and holiday operators.

ABUK Sustainability goals

We have taken stock of our current operations, supply chain and business partners to understand what steps we can take to effect the most immediate change to our environmental, social and governance credentials. 

Having undertaken this exercise, for each of these three pillars, we have identified three areas for us to engage on in the immediate future. We believe these three areas will generate the highest return in the shortest timeframe for the scope of our current business. We have then identified a further three areas for us to address in the medium-term, to deliver further benefits. 

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